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Pet Pet Premier Brand Background

Many owners all over the world have faced the problem that the owner refuses to eat health care products...

The best way is to make pets eat actively

A team of veterinarians in New South Wales, Australia believes that forcing pets to eat health supplements for a long time will affect the mutual trust between pets and owners. So veterinarians try to make some homemade supplements for cats and dogs in the area. After a year of testing, it was found that when extracting nutrients, some pets disliked the smell can be removed at the same time, coupled with the kangaroo meat essence, it is confirmed that more than 90% of pets will take the initiative.

Australian veterinary research and development

In order to further make it easier for pets to absorb and eat, veterinarians have made the formula into some ultra-fine powder, which makes it easier to mix in the dry and wet food that pets eat daily. Veterinarians also found that more than 70% of pets, who had little interest in dry food, would take the initiative to eat after mixing with health supplement powder.

Don't want to force your master to eat health products you don't like? Pet Pet Premier, a health product developed by veterinarians in New South Wales, Australia, with a new concept, has launched Health Prime, Joint Prime for dogs, Nutri Prime for Cats , in addition to improving health, can also improve eating habits.

Dr Andrea, an Australian veterinarian, believes that pets need to be supplemented with all kinds of nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed by the body from an early age to strengthen their resistance, so that they can get a healthy body; they must also prepare for joint maintenance, strengthen joints, and maintain high-quality joint development. Therefore, Pet Pet Premier is carefully customized for pets by Australian veterinarians and nutrition experts. It is 100% made in Australia. The production and import and export are strictly regulated by Australia, including Feedsafe Accredited, NATA, GMP+, HACCP, AQIS.

Pet Pet Premier Brand Philosophy

【Pets are safe and healthy, fur parents feel at ease and convenient】In addition to the belief of Pet Pet Premier, it is also a commitment to every furry child and furry parent.

"New" health concept for Pets

Pet Pet Premier is committed to developing a series of healthy food that pets can eat safely. In addition to insisting on obtaining the effective safety and quality monitoring certification of the producing country from the source, production, and import and export of [Pet Fairy Powder], the formula will also be designed by veterinarians and nutritionists. Ensure safety and bring the most advanced and safest healthy food for furry kids.

Pet's parents' "new" caring attitude

I believe that every parent is trying their best to hope that their fur children grow up healthily, so Pet Pet Premier shares their worries from the perspective of parents. In addition to being beneficial to fur children's health, each [Pet Fairy Powder] also considers the ease of use, Convenient, so that every parent can simply and easily bring a healthy life to the furry child.