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Return Policy

How to handle returns?The product to be returned must be complete. If it has been opened for use or damaged, it may affect the rights and interests of consumers to exchange the product; it may also be subject to the degree of loss or damage and cannot be returned.Please fill in the details of the reason for the return, relevant information about the refund, etc., and email to cs@petpetpremier.com, and a dedicated person will handle the return related matters in the future.The return shipping fee of the product must be paid by the buyer.Under what circumstances can I not apply for returns and exchanges?After the product is opened, based on health and safety considerations, it will not be returned or exchanged if it is not the original factory defect.If you receive a product that does not match, please make sure to exchange it as soon as possible. Once opened, it cannot be replaced.If the product is damaged, scratched, or dirty due to improper use or use of the product, we cannot accept the return.If the related gifts and related invoice items attached to the product are lost or damaged, it is not possible to go through the procedures for return and refund.Refund noticeAfter receiving the returned goods and confirming that there is no bad condition, a refund notification and credit will be made within about 14 working days.This store has a large shipment volume. If the customer shows it as a spot when purchasing, but there is no spot when confirming the order, a full refund can be applied.This online shop does not accept urgent orders, and the number of days required for transportation cannot be accurately estimated. If the company has arranged to send the product, but there is a delay in delivery, we will not be able to refund.This online shop does not accept urgent orders. Generally speaking, the goods will be shipped within five working days. If the shipment cannot be arranged on the same day after payment, we will not be able to refund.Refund methodCredit card payment for the orderThe refund will be made on the credit card of the order, and no additional handling fee will be charged.If there is more than one product in the order, and one of them needs to be refunded, our online store will use the form of a check to send it together with the spot product.The order uses ATM/FPS transfer or cash paymentPlease provide your name, bank and account number when applying for a refund.A refund will be made by transfer, and a notification will be made after the refund. Please confirm with your bank or passbook.